reasons to be a controversial human being.

American Apparel : Stable of Runaways

American Apparel advertising is unique. Just as Abercrombie and Fitch all those years ago decided to use gay porn in place of actual advertising, American Apparel has decided to use pictures of runaway girls they found on the freeway enacting various rape scenarios. American Apparel is, in general, a disturbing company in and of itself. Between the creepy sales employees, the CEO Dov Charney’s various sexual harassment lawsuits and the fact that you should never trust a place with so many bright leotards that isn’t a dance studio, American Apparel gives me the creeps.

In order to decipher their advertising, and bring a few girls home to their families, let’s take a look at some of their runaways.


Becca is originally from Portland, Oregon and after a terrible fight with her father about her curfew, she decided to take her love of Charles Manson and the Manson girls on the road. She spent 64 days in a VW Bus before Dov Charney found her digging through the dumpsters behind a Shakey’s Pizza Parlour in Van Nuys.


This is Britt. Britt was head of the Pep team at East Texas High in Austin until after a particularly rough fight with her father over whether or not she “Would Be Leaving the House in THAT outfit Missy!”. Britt hitchhiked across the lower part of the United States using only her sexuality and the 44 dollars she had in her sock drawer. Dov Charney found Britt somewhere outside of Pheonix at a Days Inn begging for scraps of leftover Bagels from the Continental Breakfast.


This is Emily. Murdered in 1986 after a fight with her boyfriend at the Colonial Bowling Lanes in Iowa City, Dov Charney was able to scrape up these crime scene photos before the police roped off the scene. Thrifty that Dov Charney is, thrifty.


This is Rainn. Born Rebecca Smith Anderson to Bob and Kathy Anderson from Fairfield County, Connecticut, Rainn followed the Backstreet Boys around the country in a beat up old Honda until a drifter named Skurt introduced her to Mushrooms. Dev Charney found Rainn sleeping on a playground slide near the California/Mexico border.


This is Trevor. These shots were taken just moments before Dov Charney led him into what can only be described as a “Colorful Vinyl Gay Nightmare”. Trevor was head of the debate team at Rich High School in Randolph, Utah until a Craigslist ad posted by Dov Charney convinced him that the National Forensics League had a  headquarters in the San Fernando Valley and that he should “not tell anyone” and “come and pick up your award in person”.


For reference, this is Dov Charney:


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