reasons to be a controversial human being.

Tuesday's Music Playlist

Tuesday’s Pissed Off at the World Playlist

It’s not a box of chocolates,
its a bag of lemons.
But like poison lemons. That are on fire. That steal your money and hurt you.
So I offer you this playlist to help ease the suffering of a cruel, cruel world.

“In the End” — Linkin Park

“Assassin” — Muse

“Youth of the Nation” — P.O.D.

“Last Resort” — Papa Roach

“Fake it” — Seether

“Born for this” — Paramore

“Family Portrait” — P!nk

“What I’ve Done” — Linkin Park

“Miss Murder” — AFI

“I Will Not Bow” — Breaking Benjamin

You’re not welcome.


Tuesday’s Geographic Playlist

Much like Carmen Sandiego, I have been fortunate enough to find myself on a number of small trips recently around the country.
I got back from Los Angeles last night and I can say that without a doubt there is one thing stuck in my head from the trip: the Katy Perry Song, “California Gurls”. Having been harshly introduced to Los Angeles traffic (via a two hour trip to Santa Monica) and my gracious host/driver not having iPod Vehicle compatibility (a damn crying shame), the LA Radio Stations owned and operated by Ryan Seacrest became the soundtrack to the trip.

And when the radio wasn’t playing “Airplanes” or “Alejandro”, it was “California Gurls”. Because get it, we were in California. And there were “gurls” there. And as if Katy Perry isn’t annoying enough, she had a bit of trouble spelling ‘girls’ in the title. But that’s okay. You can only expect so much from a woman who thinks that a shoe is a phone.

Tuesday’s Storytelling Playlist

When I was little I used to have a doctor that we all called Dr. Mike. What was most wonderful about Dr. Mike is that he would sing and play the guitar as well. He told silly stories set to song which made going to the doctors office, which was unbearable, bearable. I used to think it was so amazing that I had my very own doctor that was also famous (well famous for when you are six).

Tuesday’s Start of Summer BBQ Playlist

Summer has begun.
Those pesky youth have gotten out of school and will be planning an epic summer filled with house parties, minimum-wage food service jobs, sitting around pools and discovering out all the magical uses of the backseat of a friend’s car. (Well there really is only one)
The rest of us are simply going to work as usual, everything a little more humid, the office just a little more oppressive than the day before. But we must power through our workday blues and summertime woes so that we can have our weekends. Glorious weekends great for rooftop parties, backyard cookouts and slip ‘n’ slides.
And we gotta have something to listen to while we do it.

“Pump It” — The Black Eyed Peas

“Kansas City” — Damien Jurado

“American Boy” — Estelle

“Timor” — Shakira

“Jack and Diane” — John Cougar Mellencamp

“We Run This” — Missy Elliott

“Danger! High Voltage” — Electric Six

“Dead Wrong” — The Deuce Project

“Sam’s Town” — The Killers

“I Live for the Day” — Lindsay Lohan

Tuesday’s Old Standard Playlist

In celebration of Rufus Wainwright coming out with a new album today, this playlist is going to focus on one of his favorite things, old standards. From Rosemary Clooney to Dean Martin these standards have taken us through World Wars, Cold Wars, Free Love and the New Millennium. There is just that extra special something that happens when you listen to an old classic. Images of men in WW2 Army Uniforms leaving their beautiful red-lipped women on a set of steamy train tracks. The woman wipes a tear with her cloth handkerchief and the man tips his hat at the girl he loves, knowing he might never see her again. These songs makes us think about our parents, their parents and most importantly, a time when a creamy voice echoing through a crowded dance hall could without a doubt get everyone on their feet.

“I’ll be Seeing You” — Rosemary Clooney

“Beyond the Sea” — Bobby Darin

“Stormy Weather” — Etta James

“Far Away Places” — Perry Como and Henri Rene

“Maybe You’ll be There” — Diana Krall

“Dream a Little Dream of Me” — Doris Day

“How Long Has this Been Going on?” — Rufus Wainwright

“Fever” — Peggy Lee

“London by Night” — Greg Laswell

“Blue Moon” — Julie London

Tuesday’s Maybe Baby? Playlist

Babies are everywhere.
There’s that new H-Bomb of adorable movie about them coming out, that E*trade baby is getting his (its?) own show, and infant beauty pageants are still going strong. But what to listen to when thinking about babies? We have the positive songs about raising kids, the nervous songs about expecting and the whatingodsnameamigonnadonow songs about the joys of that little pink plastic stick reading positive. Let’s have a listen.

“Papa Don’t Preach” — Madonna

“Brick” — Ben Folds Five

“Arms Wide Open” — Creed

“Baby of Mine” — Allison Krauss

“I Hope You Dance” — Leanne Womack

“Zion” — Lauren Hill

“All that she Wants” — Ace of Base

“Teach Your Children Well” — Crosby, Stills and Nash

“In My Daughter’s Eyes” — Martina McBride

“Just the Two of Us” — Will Smith

Tuesday’s Tween Playlist

Oh tweens.
With their Lisa Frank notebooks, Justin Beiber fan-fiction and Twilight-themed pre-teen lives, they command a huge amount of buying power in the pop culture market. And to listen to the music that they listen to at both times makes you feel old and young again. They swoon over Taylor Lautner and his hunky wolfness. Playground fights ensue among kids 10-13 over Robert Pattison’s level of glittery handsomeness. Tweens in my generation powered dozens of boybands using only their screams and posters and rocketed a ridiculous idea called “the Spice Girls” to international superstardom. Now the tweens simply turn on the Disney Channel and use their devotion to power the chastity belts of the Jonas Brothers.
Let’s have a listen to what the kids are listening to:

“Hurry Up and Save Me” — Tiffany Gardina

“According to You” — Orianthi

“Paparazzi” — Lady Gaga

“For Your Entertainment” — Adam Lambert

“Sneakernight” — Vanessa Hudgens

“Rude Boy” — Rhianna

“Baby” — Justin Beiber feat. Ludacris

“Tik Tok” — Ke$ha

“In My Head” — Jason Derulo

“He Said, She Said” — Ashley Tisdale