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Somebody Please Tell Zooey Deschanel that it is Raining

The ever “adorkable” Zooey Deschanel has really made a power play for cornering the market on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl archetype. At any given time she can be found at a trader joe’s, not understanding the rules of dating or just ‘chiling watching football’ with her 3 best guy friends. You see she likes being friends with girls, but guys are just so much less drama. That’s why she wears football jerseys and skips around in Men’s briefs.

So it was a clear choice for Apple for their new Siri iPhone campaigns to pick her. I mean who could they get that is the polar opposite of Samuel L. Jackson? Our girl Zooey, that’s who. Who better to represent an application that involves asking your cell phone silly questions?

Commercials Below:

Oh Zooey.
You really need your phone to tell you, while you are looking outside, whether or not it is raining?

I think the best way to get through this as a group is to just identify the hipster alternative things that she is peddling to us and move past them.

Zooey’s list of quirky quirks via the ghost of Steve Jobs:
– Formal Pink Silk Pajamas
– Home Delivered Tomato Soup
– Weird peach slippers
– Cutely contorting your face while looking out of the window
– Mandolins hanging from the walls
– A banjo on the piano bench
– Bright Red Lipstick
– Old Timey Music
– Bangs

What is truly amazing to me is that this commercial is shot with absolutely no sense of irony. The Sam Jackson one is a little funny, wry and totally passable. The Zooey D ad looks like a Saturday Night Live sketch sans Abby Elliot’s surprisingly not terrible impersonation.

How can we all go about our lives while this is happening on our televisions?
What if Samuel L. was tweeting our collective national rage at Zooey D. through Siri?
Check out the twitters that this rage has spawned.