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A Farewell to the Painter Of Light

It has taken a worldwide tragedy to bring me back to the blog. Earlier this week we lost the artistic cottage-painting equivalent of Nicholas Sparks.

At 54 years of age, ‘painter’, Thomas Kinkade has passed away. And the art community will forever be changed.

Thomas Kinkade dedicated his life to bringing to life glossy cottages with mossy sidewalks and thatched roofs. He spent years crafting works of art of glossy cottages and mossy sidewalks sometimes covered in snow, sometimes adorned with fall leaves. He blazed the trail in the medium of sparkly cottages with mossy sidewalks in various states of being. His art was always on the tip of tongues at suburban housewarming parties or your grandmother’s wake.

He also gave us the masterpiece entitled “NASCAR Thunder”.

You may have noticed in recent years the Thomas Kinkade stores in your local mall shuttering their doors in shame as the market for prints of sparkly cottages with mossy sidewalks and thatched roofs has dropped due to the economy and also idiocy, but Thomas Kinkade did not let that get him down.

He continued to bring us Frida Kahloesque works like:

“Christmas Lodge”

“Friendship Cottage”

“Weathervane Hutch”

And literally hundreds of others. But Kinkade was not only a master of one visual form of media. His foray into cinema proved incredibly fruitful.
The aptly titled “The Christmas Cottage” was a motion picture vaguely based on his life and rise as a painter. He produced the film and was instrumental in hiring Supernatural Actor Jared Padalecki to play himself.

This is Thomas Kinkade:

And this is Jared Padalecki:

Your move, reality.

Thomas Kinkade you will be missed. The mantles of our Elderly Aunts will forever be left empty in your honor. But we can it least take solace is “The Christmas Cottage”, a truly Christian family tale about your meteoric rise to art superstardom.